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How to work with crystals

Crystals are a tool.  They are mined from Earth and carry high vibrational energies that can aid and encourage you when you experience energetic deficits that prevent you from operating at your highest self. Purchasing crystals and expecting them to bring you wealth or love without taking any initiative toward change, is relinquishing any ownership of accountability in the outcome you are seeking. It’s like buying a business and thinking it will function and profit without any input. In other words, buying a crystal and setting it on your table is not going to change your life. The concept of working with crystals requires the understanding that just like with anything else, you require a plan, steps, tools and execution.

How to get started:

Set a goal: Identify a goal you would like to achieve.

Example: “I want a higher paying job.”

Take emotional inventory: What emotions come up when you think about getting this goal?

Understanding what you’re feeling and how it feeds your internal dialogue, tells you what you need to work on or release in order to move forward.

Some examples:

Self-Doubt: “Someone is more qualified than me.” “They’re not going to like me.” “I probably wouldn’t get it anyway.”

Worry/Anxiety: “I need to make more money or I can’t pay my bills.” “If I can’t pay my bills, the utilities will be cut off.”

In the first example you are not feeling confident and self-doubt is creeping in.  You will want to work with crystals that carry empowering and confident energies such as carnelian or tigers eye.  In the second example, your anxiety is need based and your worry is affecting your ability to sleep.  The crystal energies you would want to work with are lepidolite, sodalite or hematite.

Knowing how you feel and acknowledging that you don’t want to feel this way helps you tap into your strengths.  Your strengths are tools that you already possess. Using them paired with crystal energies will only strengthen your tool belt for coping and working through these barriers on the way to your goal.  If you focus on feeling confident and empowered, you will manifest confidence.  If you focus on worry and negative self-talk, you will feel anxious and lose rest.  It is the concept of The Law of Attraction.

By working with your crystals intentionally, you will develop a stronger relationship with yourself, listen to your intuition and feel supported to do what you put your mind to. In this process, you are also learning about yourself, connecting with and nurturing unhealed parts of yourself to feel better prepared to manage difficult situations as they arise.

Want to learn more about working with your crystals? Take a look at Centered: A journal for self-care and working with your crystals for guided prompts and crystal grids to help you in your manifestation practices.

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