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Is great for the home because it is stabilizes intense energies like anger, and tension with soothing and calming vibes. It wards off the evil eye and harmonizes yin and yang, making you and your environment feel zen.


This is a stone of peace, truth and harmony.  It helps you remain grounded when resolving conflict and speaking your truth.  It also facilitates self-awareness and empowerment, boosting your confidence against judgement from others.  It protects against EMF radiation.



Mood stabilizing supports the mind to stay calm and in control.  Dispels negative thoughts, feelings, anger, fear and anxiety.  Activates your spiritual awareness and enhances your intuition to see what is around you.



Raises your consciousness and awareness to look inward for guidance.  Helps dispel fear, anger, anxiety and encourages forgiveness and compassion.  Connects you to your angels and those who have passed who are watching over you.


This is a high vibrational crystal that soothes anxious, fearful and worrisome energies.  Apophylite's healing light aids with releasing emotional wounds, brings joy and helps purify energies and spaces.  



Helps you connect with your feelings on a profound level.

Opens any blockages that prevent healing from past emotional traumas.

A stone for fresh starts and new beginnings.



Shields and protects you from negativity. Is known as a “psychic vacuum” that cleans up any negativity around you, that you think about yourself and clears the air for self-growth and healing. 



A protective stone that removes negativity affecting you and the space around you.  It keeps an energetic boundary between you and others, repelling negative energies directed toward you.  It cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations.



Is a dream stone. Enhances lucid dreaming and astral travel for self-reflection.  Helps with mental clarity for understanding of longstanding problems or questions.  Helps inspire motivation for change.



Calming, relaxing and great for individuals with anxiety and stress.  It helps you remain calm and encourages peaceful communications.  It inspires creativity, clears blockages and stressful thoughts and purifies the energy of the space around it.  It is great to keep in workplaces and study areas for students.



Excellent for communicating your thoughts and emotions clearly; clears the throat chakra.  Great for people who have trouble talking about their emotions and/or public speaking in groups. This is a calming and tranquil stone that nurtures and encourages the holder. 



A comforting stone that offers protection and aids with healing from grief and loss.



A stone of courage, passion, vitality and confidence.  Aids with fertility and self-empowerment.



Aids in the development of personal integrity and enhances generosity.  This stone helps emotional balance, stamina, vitality, endurance, energy, kindness and friendliness.  It assists with alleviating self-doubt, hostility, negative thoughts, emotions and nightmares.


For Native American cultures, chrysocolla is used to strengthen your body's resistance to illness, stress and negativity.  it is a gentle stone that brings tranquility, peace, intuition and patience.  It increases your wisdom, problem solving skills and brings harmony to decrease any turbulence in your home/environment.  This stone is associated with peace, harmony, tranquility and unconditional love.  



Citrine is a stone for manifesting your dreams and desires.  It rejuvenates your mind, body and soul while bringing harmony, peace and balance to your life.


Purifies and cleanses your physical and energetic bodies. Amplifies your intentions for manifesting. A stone of balance, clarity and purification for your home.

It enhances other crystal energies around you and aligns and balances your chakras.


This high vibrational crystal expands your field of awareness and helps you tune into accessing messages from your spirit guides, interpreting oracle messages and channeling messages from other spiritual beings. Creedite clears chakra blockages of the third eye and crown to allow for understanding of emotions with a higher perspective and higher spiritual meaning.  


Together these minerals are a powerhouse for abundance, peace, tranquility, encouragement and transformation. 


Cuprite connects to you the divine energies working around you to support your manifestations while malachite clears and cleanses your chakras and protects you from negative energies and entities trying to deter you from your path. 


Soothing and calming energy that can transform low vibrations to higher, positive energies.  It alleviates sadness, grief and dispels negativity.  It is known as a tranquilizer and can reduce stress, strain, irritability, mood swings, anger and rage. 


Emerald the birth stone for those born in May, it is known as the stone of love and romance and is said to preserve love, enhance faith and bring an abundance of joy.  Emerald is a heart chakra stone that aids with truthful communication, intuition and strengthens your immune and nervous systems. 



Offers gentle, nourishing energy that helps with emotional balance for healing, self-growth and motivation.  It helps you appreciate the growth process of emotional recovery with grace and confidence to prepare for new beginnings.


Fuchsite is a heart chakra stone that connects your mind to your heart.  It helps you find balance when making decisions and aids with empathy to understand interactions with others.  Fuchsite is also a crystal charger that increases the energies of other crystals, releases blockages and in this case heightens the energetic properties of the blue kyanite. 


Is a stone of prosperity, abundance and gratitude. It is a protective stone against negativity and realigns your chakras, grounding and reenergizing your root chakra. It is a stone of energy, passion and good health.


Good luck, positive change and growth, stimulates your creativity, keeps you grounded


A stone for transformations.

It transforms negative energy to positive without releasing it to the atmosphere.

Inspires creativity that attracts success, prosperity and abundance.


Comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. It is one of the best stones to attract luck, abundance and success. Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.



Clears negativity and brings renewal.  Aligns your thoughts, words and actions for higher good.



Restores relationships by unburdening the heart of past traumas.  Helps ground you emotionally and spiritually.  Opens the heart chakra.



Connects the body to earth, grounding, helps with focus and protection, calms the troubled mind and stabilizes uneasy energies, reduces inflammation.


Clarity of insight and action.

Increases confidence, persistence and intellectual power. Aids with mental clarity to focus on your goals. Removes blockages that prevent you from seeing your true potential and abundance.


Reduces tension, stress, anger and rage. Enhances patience and calms the energies around you.  Increases ones ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  Slows the mind of anxious thoughts and helps with insomnia. 



Increases your intuition and instinct.  Assists with past life recall.  Protects from negativity and dispels spiritual threats.  Is known as a magical stone.



A stone of peace and tranquility that offers emotional protection and comfort. It calms and relaxes troubled minds to restore balance of the mind and body.



Cleanses and aligns the chakras.

Absorbs negativity.

Balances mental and physical energies.


Is a stone of emotion that opens and connects the heart and the mind.  It opens you up to receive unconditional love and abundant love.  


Blue kyanite is a throat chakra opener that encourages self-expression without fear.  It is helpful for introverts and those who are fearful of public speaking.  


Helps purify your energy.  Connects you to the energy of light.  Clears, opens and balances all 7 chakras.


Is a stone that encourages self-confidence, awareness and self-expression to speak your truth.  It releases stress and promotes peace providing clarity and objectivity. 



A powerful protection stone.

Closely associated with strength and vitality.

Brings emotional stability to those who may be experiencing chaotic energies.


A stone for emotional healing, balance, purification, serenity, relaxation and stress relief.  Helps those on the path toward self-acceptance by encouraging release of the ego.  Helps with sleep due to anxiety or overwhelming thoughts and worries.  Opens the heart and third eye chakras.


A stone of power and known as a “Master Healer.” Lodalite helps amplify your energy and intentions. It also aids in emotional healing, releasing trauma or memories that cause stress or fear.


This is a stone of abundance, good luck, self-confidence and transformation.  It encourages healthy relationships by enabling clear communication and allowing you to be your authentic self.  Like other stones, it absorbs and dispels negative energies to make space for spiritual growth.  When you're feeling vulnerable, malachite is your encouraging, supportive friend.  It opens up your intuition to identify toxicity in your relationships and gives you the strength and confidence to remove these people form your life. 



A powerful stone that provides stability on one’s perspective on life, enabling positive decision making and instilling optimism. 



Is a stone for new beginnings.

Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in everything around you.

Attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem.



Elevates your spirit, increasing feelings of joy and optimism.  It helps you release negative feelings, relieves stress and enhances your personal power, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.


* Strength

* Vigor and stamina

* Self confidence/ease in your surroundings 

* Banishes grief

* Stimulates wise decision making 


- helps create opportunity

- brings wisdom

- guides you with self discovery

- past life recall

- grounding you in the present 


Is a stone made of chrysocolla and malachite in quartz matrix which means it is comprised of all of these properties. Phoenix stone provides courage, emotional strength and dispels fear while balancing yin/yang energies. 



Promotes peace, emotional well-being, compassion and love towards self and others.  This is a gentle, nurturing stone that helps you release pain and grief.



Just like other moonstone, this is a stone for new beginnings, strength and growth.  It enhances your intuition and promotes inspiration, success and good fortune.  This stone facilitates happiness, abundance, selflessness, emotional stability. 


A heart chakra stone that helps you release, fear, worry and anxiety that prevents you from opening up.  This is centering crystal that brings peace and calm to help release past trauma and stressors. 



This type of jasper is best for centering and grounding yourself to mother earth to energize and revitalize your life.  Polychrome jasper ignites passion, vitality and creativity for new beginnings.


Is a stone of dreaming and remembering. It alleviates nightmares, phobias, fears, bringing them to the surface to declutter while nurturing your heart in the process. 


Purpurite is a powerful ascension tool that helps connect you to higher energies by opening up your third eye and crown chakras.  Working with purpurite helps increase your intuition, consciousness and helps you understand your power.  Wearing or working with this stone helps you stay focused on your life path and purpose. This is a great reinforcer for the goals and dreams you are manifesting.


A powerful and protective stone that boosts your confidence to transform your energy and thoughts. This is a good luck stone that rids negativity and old patterns that no longer serve you. Pyrite is thought to be a stone of manifesting wealth and success.


A stone for grounding and balance.

Brings peace and harmony to any space.

Enhances clarity and your intuition.

Energetically boosts your mood and spirit.



Activates and aligns all chakras for energy to flow freely. It is a stone of new opportunities and new beginnings that connects your emotional body and mental state for clarity and focus. It is an intuitive stone that heightens intellect.


 A stone of supreme nurturing that brings tranquility and wholeness.  It promotes health and emotional healing during times of stress.  It is a grounding stone that helps alleviate overwhelm, guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness. 


Rhodochrosite emanates tender and loving energies that support self-love and empathy when healing from old wounds, suppressed feelings and childhood traumas.  This is a stone that aids in releasing pain that no longer serves you to open your heart for love, forgiveness and compassion.  This stone works to release unresolved issues held by the solar plexus and opening up the bridge to the upper chakras. 


Stone of universal love for self, others and everything.  Dispels fears created by anxiety to strengthen your compassion for loving vibrations.


This stone helps ground and channel higher vibrations into this earthly plane.  It activates your root, solar plexus, throat and third eye chakras and connects them to expand your awareness. Kyanite enhances the potent manifesting vibrations of the ruby and will rapidly increase opportunities and your personal will that previously blocked you from the path toward your ideals of success.  This powerful combination aids with mastering fear, increasing your courage, confidence and sense of purpose.  


Salrose is a heart healing stone that puts deep rooted wounds to rest with love and compassion.  Salrose encourages self-forgiveness for past decisions and experiences, bringing clarity and balance to the heart and mind. 


This is a stone of inner peace and is helpful for relaxing nervous, stressed energies.  Scolecite activates the upper chakras and is used as a meditation tool.  It unlocks the heart and pushes it to release anything that may be causing pain from within.  It is an auric cleanser and needs to be saged often as it absorbs negative energies in you and around you.  


Eliminates negative energy, can cleanse other crystals, releases stress and anxiety, purifies your energetic space.



Helps with connecting you to nature and animals.  Assists with transforming mental and emotional imbalances for self-healing  and to help you feel more in control of your life.  This is a great stone for meditation as it opens new pathways for spiritual exploration and retrieval of wisdom.


This stone is attuned to the heart chakra, infusing your aura with wholeness and well-being. It is nurturing and taps into Divine Feminine Energy. 


Shungite is a purifying and protective stone.  It is said to have been used during ancient times to purify water due to its ability to fight bacteria and viruses.  Water infused shungite has even been used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent for health ailments! Spiritually, shungite protects you from EMF emissions that lower your vibrations, negative emotions and assists with balancing emotion and centering your mind, body and spirit.  This is a must have to carry with you or keep around you in any environment. 



Is a grounding stone that frees you of negative energies by reducing stress and bringing balance.  This stone enhances physical and mental resilience.


Carries soft feminine energy that balances yin and yang.  It facilitates mental clarity during meditation and teaches patience.  With black tourmaline in its matrix, it adds protection and removes any negativity that prevents spiritual growth and realignment.


One of my firsts stones, as it helps with anxiety and panic attacks.  It enhances your self-trust and self-esteem for emotional balance. Sodalite promotes rational thoughts, objectivity and intuition to speak your truth. Encourages use of your rational mind during heightened emotional times.  It brings order and calm to help you verbalize your feelings clearly.  It helps with emotional balance and enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.  This stone helps put the mind at ease for rest/sleep.  


Is said to heal, purify and realign the 7 chakras.  Spirit Quartz protects and shields your aura, serving as a master healing stone to harmonize and balance your energies.  It has the following minerals: smoky quartz, clear quartz and citrine which bring grounding, power for manifesting and magnifying your intentions.  



A stone for good luck and good fortune.

Clears and balances your energy and chakras.

Heightens your intuition, dissipates fear, alleviates stress and increases your self-worth and confidence.


Is a stone of courage, strength and personal power.  It stimulates the first 3 chakras to help you remain grounded during times of stress.  It empowers resilience for overcoming overwhelming situations and aids you in releasing fear and anxiety.  

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