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Rose Quartz

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Transparency and integrity behind Centered Scents products

Centered Scents creates homemade natural plant oil remedies made with love for your mind, body and spirit.


Our essential oil blends are curated and researched to safely aid and assist with your self care needs and ailments.


We only package our products in amber glass bottles to preserve the integrity and therapeutic properties of the oils. This also ensures the shelf life of the product which increases the value of your money spent! All essential oils are purchased from ethically extracted and GC/MS transparent distillers.


We believe in sustainable, green living and our products will always reflect that. We also package orders with reused/upcycled materials to avoid overuse of plastic products.

Centered Scents was established in 2018 and Centered Gems in 2020. I merged both shops in January of 2021 and Centered Scents and Gems was born.  



Quality, affordable crystals for everyone

Centered Gems delivers quality, affordable crystals from their country of origin to their kindred homes. 


Your crystal purchases are treated with the utmost care.  Items are blessed with palo santo and cleansed with sage before they are sent to their respective homes.


You will not receive business cards or property cards in your packages because we are a business that believes in minimizing waste.  Instead, please click here to access crystal properties. Thank you for supporting this initiative in reducing our use of natural resources.  

We host live sales on Instagram @CenteredScentsandGems.  Our live sales are hosted every Thursday at 6:00p.m. PST. (Unless otherwise noted.)


Please follow our instagram page for crystal updates, new items, sales and giveaways here.  


Additional questions? 

Email us at:

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