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Centered Wellness

Therapeutic Transitional Coaching

Discovering who you are is a lonely journey but once your lenses are cleared of shame, guilt, familial and social expectations, you will never feel more loved and supported than by yourself.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to figure out why?

Do you lack motivation or optimism to move in the direction you want to?

Are you struggling with a recent change in your life that you need help processing?

A little about who I am...

Hi! I'm Veronica Munguia, MA in Clinical Psychology and owner of Centered Scents & Gems. I'm a loving, supportive, encouraging, boundary setting, socially anxious, hermit who has exiled herself from people I was raised to believe you cannot free yourself from. I'm a single mom who has dedicated her life to raising an emotionally intelligent, socially comfortable, confident, funny boy who acknowledges his light-skinned privilege and knows the importance of being an ally to minorities.

I was called to the field of psychology while working administratively in a behavioral health office, and ending a toxic relationship with a manipulative/narcissistic addict, who I later realized was basically a reincarnate of my father. I found myself re-living relational and behavioral patterns learned from my family that I did not want as examples for my son. This is where my healing journey began.


As I began learning and unlearning, I realized that I wanted to help people like myself who didn't know that happiness, healing and boundaries were available and accessible to them. There are so many cultural, psycho/social, environmental factors that contribute to the walls that we think keep us trapped in an unhappy existence and I want to help people realize that they can be broken down with determination, resilience and work!

I love aromatherapy, crystals, journaling, reading, audiobooks, encouraging women, conversations about social injustice and inequality, learning and unlearning. I'm rooting for you, even if our paths crossed for only the briefest of moments. I love the mountains over the beach and prefer cold over hot weather. I can't wait to get to know you. 

Click here to read an article about me and my business in the SD Voyager.

How I can help...

I have a MA in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Addiction Studies.  13 years experience working in the following Behavioral Health care settings:  psychiatric inpatient, outpatient, forensic psychiatric units with populations ranging from anti-social behavior, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma, domestic violence and incarceration to community reintegration.


7 years in managed care assisting individuals with condition management and co-existing medical/mental health diagnoses.  

My Approach

Holistic and Psychologically Integrative with a focus on:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):  

thoughts/emotions/behaviors and how these fuel maladaptive behaviors


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): focuses on emotion regulation, acceptance/accountability, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance


Whole Person Consideration:  evaluation of your psychological/social/emotional/environmental well-being are taken into consideration to identify barriers to growth


Optional sensory tools such as essential oils for aromatherapeutic benefit, sound healing, guided meditation

*NO PSYCHIATRIC MANAGEMENT (medications) available.

Referrals will be made based on your health insurance status. 

Rock Balancing

What we will accomplish together

Identify areas of your life that have become cyclical/unhealthy/repetitive and prevent you from reaching goals

Process discomfort that comes with identifying maladaptive behaviors


Develop coping skills and tools that will support your goals


Discuss a plan of action that requires accountability and individual work

Create a specific and detailed plan with realistic goals that can be attained in a realistic timeframe

How can I help you?  |  Tel: (619) 335-8346

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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